Al Muayed air conditioning Unites Industry Company specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of air ducts of sheet metal panels for thermal insulation, water and vice-clad from two side cover of chips aluminum boat with the latest advanced technology in the ventilation system to adapt the towers, commercial buildings, and villas, the company has successfully completed many projects in the field of industrial and residential ventilation in the United Arab Emirates.

Al Muayed Company offers an integrated system to work in the pre-installed duct also offer all the requirements for the installation of the system, including specialized hand tools and automatic tools that facilitate the process of the design, manufacture, and installation of the duct. Duct panels produced and designed by Al Muayed Featuring suitability the region atmosphere, also Al Muayed products and works generally Characterized by high quality and holds numerous certificates, that allowed it to earn good reputation locally and globally.

Al Muayed air conditioning Units industry leading manufacture and installation of air ducts and insulated ventilation channels of Central conditioning boasts to provide customers high-quality products and continue to be provided, and always working to deliver their customers quickly and at reasonable prices.

The company has sufficient number of engineers, supervisors and technical workers at the work site, that makes it able to finish the project in Exact time for completion with assurance of high quality in work, and these trained labor holds a training courses on the maintenance and installation of various approved brands of air conditioning units, using the best tools and techniques which is appropriate for all species.

We are always working to follow up on the improvements and developments in products that reflect the changes and demands that arise in the market. To offer the best production and best service, and that reflect the real level of our appreciation to you for the opportunity to your own supplier and the contractor.